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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quinoa, Millet, Sweet Potatoes, and Purple Prairie Barley — All On Day #7

This turned out to be a great day for food, here on Day #7 of my special weight-loss diet!

It started with a simple bowl of miso broth and a freshly cooked blend of quinoa and millet. (I'd say the ratio was about two parts quinoa to 1 part millet.)

I had more of the quinoa-millet mix for lunch along with two kinds of sweet potatoes that I oven-roasted in coconut oil. So easy to make and so extraordinarily delicious to eat!

Then, for dinner I cooked up a pot of organic Purple Prairie Barley, which according to Timeless Natural Food, originated from Tibet.

I started with two onions and two stalks of celery, chopped and sauteed in sesame oil, and then added the barley and its overnight-soaking water, and 3 big pieces of kombu from Rising Tide Sea Vegetables. Having cooked barley a lot before, I figured the kombu would help to tenderize it. And for the same reason, I omitted adding any salt, which could make the barley tough.  Nevertheless, it still wasn't cooked enough by the time I was wanting to eat my dinner, so I made a small soup with some of it and some mellow white miso, which has a lovely sweet and sour taste, and had that with some more of the leftover quinoa and millet mix.

It took more than two hours to cook the barley to a soft, tender stage and it tasted delicious. I put it away in the refrigerator, thinking of possible ways to fix it for tomorrow's meals. And that got me to thinking once again about the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk's annual Clam Chowder Cookoff!

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